ABOUT ArsonArts

We are a collective of three guys who met at University of Fine Arts. We are based in Saarbruecken and Berlin.

ArsonArts was established in 2008 as a one-man-show.
. In 2012 we have decided to work together, because everyone of us has unique skills, which will let us benefit from each other, and we felt that we have a common goal - we love doing epic things.

Who we are? Oh right...we are...:

John Lee Siebert, Ruben Silver Krebs and Christian Schmidt. We have a diploma degree in design and we are specialized in video/film and everything what is able to tell a story with moving images.

So what does that mean?
You can hire us - and we will do epic things for you.

John Lee Siebert
Ruben Silver Krebs
Christian Schmidt